Wordle 369 June 23

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Wordle Answer #369: Today's word isn't quite as simple as you might expect,



I'm going to lay down some background information for you just so that you're aware of the gravity of today's Wordle answer.

Today's word is a bit of a tricky one, I should warn you. The word is jumelage. 

It means to form an alliance with another community in the way of mutual cultural exchange.

Today's word is a bit of a tricky one, so allow me to explain.

The words with dots in the middle are adjectives. Today’s word means even though you feel tired and such

there is still something about your friend that makes you curious about them. Lets take a look at some examples:

Today's Wordle 369 Answer for June 23

The Wordle 369 for June 23 is BRINK.