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Dani Hampson 

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Danielle Hampson Model and actress Danielle Hampson is a multi-talented artist with a passion for the job.

           She also directs and acts in theater. She is also a writer and blogger with a passion for the arts.

She was bringing all her talents and passions together for her new book, "The Art and Music of Danielle Hampson" , which can be purchased on Amazon. 

Dani Hampson is 'X Factor' star Tom Mann fiancée  -She is best friend, and everything more than love of his life.

Dani Hampson was a dancer from the UK who has appeared in popular music videos and on the stage with famous actors and musicians.

She was choreographer

           She was also collaborates with the best choreographers and the biggest names in dance music.

Rest in Peace

           We miss you Everyday