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Star Wars, Episode 6 Finale

I hoped for the best when I watched Star Wars Rebels. I'd heard good things about Disney's previous animated series,

The Clone Wars,

It was with high expectations that I settled in for the premiere and I wasn't disappointed. 

Not only did I get some of the nostalgia which had eluded me in Revenge of the Sith, but Rebels also filled my heart with joy as it depicted a galaxy far far away with such grace and unpolluted –

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second-class citizens

something so readily apparent in most of Disney's work at this point! It’s tough to be a Star Wars fan when the franchise has been so mishandled by Disney. 

While I shrugged and turned away from yet another lackluster addition to the universe, 

spanning a timeframe between Episode III and Episode IV when the latter is already notorious for being one of the more confusing sections of the official canon?