Bullet Train movie  rating: 3 stars

Bullet Train movie director: David Leitch

This film was inspired by a Japanese bestseller called Maria Beetle. The idea of putting Brad Pitt on a bullet train

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blowing both up was presumably too good to pass up.

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Here it is, full speed ahead.

In Bullet Train

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it is easy to see that even the most nefarious of characters have a difficult time keeping track of their children. 

From Japan to America, various gang lords attempt to put together a plan to get five assassins on board a shinkansen, 

but their children always manage to slip away unnoticed. This goes to show that no matter how much money or power someone has,

they will always have difficulty keeping tabs on those who are closest to them.

You might think that a train from Tokyo to Kyoto would be full of foreigners, but you would be wrong. 

The train’s local passengers are the ones who really make the ride interesting. 

They don’t seem to notice any of the goings-on and are literally only props in this drama.

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The camera work and well-choreographed stylized action (knives, guns, poison, swords, fistfights, et al) keep you glued to your seat.

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With the story pretty much staying constant, Bullet Train does feel like it takes a bit longer to reach Kyoto than you'd expect. 

But you enjoy every bit of this deliberately daft and twisty ride even as you await the final destination. 

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This isn't a great piece of cinema or anything but it doesn't pretend to be one either. 

It sets out to be an absurdly funny, unpretentious crime comedy and it totally lives up to that hype.!